Written in 1930 in Warsaw by Aaron Zeitlin, a leading Yiddish poet and playwright, the play Jacob Jacobson stunned Yiddish cultural circles with its modernity. Imbued with mysticism and religiosity, the play also exposed itself to accusations of conservatism. With biting pessimism, it dared to predict the outbreak of a second world war, a senseless repetition of the carnage of 1914-1918.

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Aaron Zeitlin (1898-1973), Yiddish and Hebrew poet and playwright, expresses in his modren poetry and prose the Jewish mystical tradition to which he was initiated by his father, the philosopher and journalist Hillel Zeitlin (1872-1942). Zeitlin sees Jewish mysticsm as a fundemental instrument for deciphering a world that never ceases to confront the human being with its enigmas and contradictions. Through a partiuclar prism of Jewish destiny, Zeitlin’s lucid vision of existence itself reaches the universal.

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